Jeffry E. Scott


The Scott Team offers Full Service Probate Real Estate Services. 

A. We can assist the Personal Representative (PR), Administrator, Executor or Executrix with the listing and selling of real estate associated with the estate. This can provide needed funds to support surviving spouses care. 


B. We have a list of Attorney's that can assist the above as well with filing the required paperwork for the county.


C. We have a list of trades you may not have thought of yet.

     a. Locksmiths.

     b. Clean out crews for trash removal.

     c. Landscapers to cut grass and bushes.

     d. Estate Sellers to sell personal property not wanted or needed by family. 


D. We can provide clients with timeline for the probate process.


E.  We can provide clients with a list of the Executors Duties During the Probate Process.


Members of The Scott Group have gone through this unfamiliar process themselves and have personal knowledge of what is going through a lot of people's minds when faced with this. We work to make it as painless from the business side as possible so you and your family can focus on the more important things.